Cristian Pirjol, born in Bucharest in 1982, graduated in cinematography at the Film University in Babelsberg, Germany, where he was also a cinematography master scholar.

Cristian specializes in classic narrative cinema and documentary films.

He has worked with acclaimed director Marjane Satrapi (Academy Award nominee). His first feature film KOHLHAAS has won numerous awards, including the Audience Award at Germany's Max Ophüls Film Festival. To date, he has shot 5 international feature films and has worked on more than 40 short films, documentaries and educational films. His work on SCHMITKE has been awarded by the Czech Association of Cinematographers in 2016.

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With director Aron Lehmann during the shooting of KOHLHAAS, August 2011


1982 — born in Bucharest, Romania, as the son of a tailor and a priest
1985 to 1988 — grows up in a German-speaking community in Transylvania
1994 to 1998 — follows his younger sister into acting
2001 — graduates from high-school and moves to Berlin, Germany
2002 — photography internship at Olaf Blecker
2003 — shoots his first indie short films as a cinematographer
2006 — starts cinematography studies at the Film University in Babelsberg
2007 to 2011 — shoots over 30 student short films on 16mm, 35mm and digital
2008 to 2009 — shoots over the period of one year a full-length documentary feature by director Jacqueline Görgen
2010 — camera trainee on Roland Emmerich's "Anonymous"
2010 — films a documentary about Marjane Satrapi's second feature film "Chicken with Plums"
2011 — first feature film "Kohlhaas" with director Aron Lehmann
2011 — feature film "Friedrichstraße" with director Athanasios Karanikolas
2012 — shoots Marjane Satrapi's French road movie "The Gang of the Jotas"
2013 — Czech-German feature film "Schmitke" with director Stepan Altrichter
2014 — films a documentary about Julian Rosefeldt's monumental film installation "Manifesto", starring Cate Blanchett
2015 — shoots Aron Lehmann's epic comedy "Die letzte Sau" / "The Last Pig"
2015 — feature film for German ZDF "Two Lost Sheep" with director Sylke Enders
2016 — shoots 8 music videos for the band Travis' new album "Everything at Once" and embarks with them on their world tour for a music documentary feature
2016 — collaborates with Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson's on the filming of his piece "Krieg"
2016 — award for Best Cinematography for "Schmitke" by the Czech Association of Cinematographers
2017 — films "Das Nebelhaus" with director Claudia Garde, for Wiedemann & Berg / SAT1